The Spark That Started the Fire

In the mid-1990s, a small group of people working at a technology company in State College, Pennsylvania were in the midst of a difficult corporate restructuring. For months, they faced complete uncertainty about the future and the hardship of living without paychecks. Ultimately, this group of people decided that they could run a company better together. Videon Central was born. Videon jumped headfirst into the digital media revolution called DVD.

DVD and Blu-Ray

In our early years, we became experts in optical disc technology, developing DVD and Blu-ray Disc navigators. Many of our early DVD and Blu-ray products were designed specifically for in-flight entertainment applications serving customers like Lufthansa and Rockwell Collins for demanding customers flying airplanes from Bombardier, Gulfstream, and Embraer.

Developing Strong Relationships with Silicon Manufacturers

Over the years we have worked with some of the most cutting edge silicon available on the market today. Videon was often called upon by major chip manufacturers like Intel, QualComm, Marvel, ST Micro, Broadcom, and others to help develop reference software that would be bundled with the chips sold by these companies. The resultant relationship allowed Videon to have access to purchase the best chips on the market for use in our products.

Google TV, Android and Chromecast

Videon’s wealth of experience in the digital video market put us in a great position to capitalize on yet another market evolution: streaming. We worked with Google, Intel, and Sony to develop the first smart TV solution, GoogleTV. From this product we worked with Google and became a launch partner for Chromecast with our widely adopted Avia application.

Streaming Video Encoders

As the media market evolved to incorporate streaming media and more sophisticated video encoding processes, Videon evolved too. Now we play in the broadcast, streaming, and transportation industries, and our capabilities far outstrip the original optical disc focus. We have turned our attention to building mass-market products that enable consumers, prosumers and professionals to easily stream 4k and 1080p video over the public internet.

All Made in the USA

While technology has changed over time, Videon’s commitment to quality has not wavered. Videon is proud to manufacture all of our products in our world-class manufacturing facility in State College, Pennsylvania. Videon is AS9100 certified, a quality standard for the aviation industry. Our strong manufacturing process and commitment to quality mean that the products we make just work.