Videon Encoder

Stream Everywhere at Once

  • Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch simultaneously

  • Record to USB while streaming

  • Concurrent encoding and decoding

  • Low latency (<4 seconds) for worldwide broadcast

What’s Hot:

The IABM stopped by our booth at BVE 2019. Josh Cetnar, Business Development Specialist at Videon, breaks down the new EdgeCaster and VersaStreamer product lines.
AWS Elemental Videon Streaming Solution
AWS Elemental recently posted a blog on their site about low-latency streaming. It states: What if every broadcaster (no matter the size) could achieve less than 4 seconds of latency at scale? An entirely new set of applications would become possible. It goes on to explain how this is possible with the AWS Elemental and[...]
Videon, as an AWS Elemental technology partner, is now enabling worldwide video distribution in under four seconds. This refers to the total time difference between video capture at the camera and playback on a screen such as a TV, phone, or tablet, also known as glass-to-glass latency. The key to driving this latency, or video[...]


House of Worship

Increase the reach of your message by streaming services and events reliably to thousands in stunning 4K or 1080p.




When you need reliable streaming for corporate events, look no further than Videon encoders.



Live stream everything from the morning announcements to school events using Videon’s direct to web encoders.



From little league to college athletics, Videon’s encoders’ low power requirements make it the perfect fit for any sporting event.